Amarah Ahmed

Vibrant Amarah Ahmed is so loud I can hear her from the other side of the house. Amarah attends Round hill Primary School. She used to attend Beeston Rylands Junior School she had to move school due to the house move. Both schools have been made aware of Amarah’s medical condition. Amarah now 10 years old, she skips and jumps and eats all day. Amarah is just full of life and is a happy go lucky child. Actually she is very caring loving and still mummy’s baby as she has her own bedroom but still sleeps in mum’s bed. Amarah has already had two epileptic seizures over 2 years. Amarah is so desperate for a life she wants to be a nurse when she grows up. If she could have life that would be fantastic, a career would be a bonus. This mother desperately wants to see these children have a life. I just wish some miracle would happen that I would wake up one day and be told that there would be a cure for lafora.

The Ahmed children attend the Queens Medical centre Hospital in Nottingham. The children’s consultant is called Dr. William Whitehouse he is a paediatric neurologist, consultant. He also teaches at the medical school. Dr. Whitehouse is quite an expert in his field well known and respected by other professionals. Dr. Whitehouse has good people skills. Unfortunately even the best neurologist couldn’t save my daughters life. All my children want is a life, we can only give the children a life if research takes place and a cure or treatment is found. At the moment there is nothing that can help my children.






– Submitted by Amarah’s mother, Shekeela Ahmed