Raise Awareness for Lafora Disease on Lafora Body Disease Day 2023

Help us reach a cure #FightLafora #LaforaBodyDiseaseDay

Share how you #FightLafora on October 1, 2023, our third annual Lafora Body Disease Day, and raise awareness about Lafora Disease!

Creating awareness is key to more research, better support, and a brighter future for our kids with Lafora Disease. Keep reading to find out how you can join in.

We invite you to create awareness on October 1 by sharing your story, the stories of the Children of Chelsea’s Hope, educational posts, or encouraging others to watch the recent Fighting the Rare documentary. Check out our social media toolkit for ideas!!

This October 1, we’ll also be celebrating ICD-10 code G40.C, so there is a lot we can share about as a community online. You can also join the #FightLafora social media challenge or contact your local news networks. Families, please contact us if you would like support in sharing your story with press outlets.

Chelsea’s Hope began recognizing October 1 as Lafora Body Disease Day in 2021. This year would have been Chelsea’s 33rd birthday. She continues to inspire the work we do, including raising awareness about Lafora Disease.

#FightLafora Social Media Challenge

One way to raise awareness on Lafora Body Disease Day 2023, or anytime after, is to join the #FightLafora social media challenge. We love seeing how you’ve used the hashtag on your posts over the past year and try to reshare what we can!

Want to join? Here are the steps:
1. Write #FightLafora
2. Take a photo
3. Share it on your social media

+ you can also tag three friends to join the challenge to create awareness about Lafora.

Creating awareness about Lafora is one step to achieving our mission of improving the lives of those affected by the devastating rare disease and helping to accelerate the development of treatments. Thank you for raising your voice. Together, we can fight Lafora!