Text says 'Lafora Disease Therapeutic Overview presented by Dr. Kit Donohue'

Lafora Disease Therapeutic Overview

We invite you to watch a video and read a page about the Lafora Disease Therapeutic Overview as of August 2023.

Are you wondering if there are future therapy options for Lafora Disease? Also, what treatments are in progress?

At last week’s event, Ask the Experts: A Q&A for Lafora Families, Chelsea’s Hope Science Director, Dr. Kit Donohue, shared an overview of treatment options in the pipeline. We are happy to share a short recording from the Q&A, as well as a PDF page with information from the presentation slideshow.

If you registered for the event, we’ve already sent you the full recording and handout. Make sure to check your email!

We hope the Q&A was informative and that participants could get their questions answered. Our team will work on creating handouts on Lafora Disease stages and on the importance of testing siblings of Lafora Disease patients. Please let us know if there are other resources we can provide to help you navigate living with Lafora.

Finally, Chelsea’s Hope is grateful for any volunteer who can translate materials from English to other languages. We encourage you to fill out the volunteer interest form if you can assist us.

Access the Lafora Disease Therapeutic Overview video captions in English HERE.

Access the transcript in Italian HERE.

Please email Dr. Donohue if you have any follow-up questions from the Q&A.

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“A direct connection between scientists and the community helps ensure the science is being as efficient as possible and addressing the direct needs of the patient community.”

This piece features our Science Director, Dr. Kit Donohue (quoted above)! It explores recent challenges in rare disease research, and how decentralized, autonomous organizations (DAOs) like Vibe Bio creates can help in our journey to finding Lafora disease treatments.