Help Lafora Patient Zaina and Family Evacuate Gaza

Zaina smiling in a wheelchair with bags in the background Lafora patient Zaina and her family want to evacuate Gaza; donate to their GoFundMe today.

A 17-year-old from Gaza City has Lafora Disease.

Zaina sat facing away from the camera with bags in the backgroundHer entire family has been bombed, and they evacuated their home. They have moved across Gaza several times to escape the fighting. They have been displaced into a shelter and ran out of the best seizure medication for Zaina. Her family was able to switch epilepsy medications, but it’s not as effective. She needs proper medical treatment and a peaceful home.

Zaina’s mom shared some of their life, messaging, “There is nothing in pharmacies…There is no clean place here. We eat with the lids of cans, and I am careful when using them so as not to harm her. Everything is bad…”

Zaina’s uncle started a GoFundMe to help evacuate his family. You can give directly his efforts to get them through the Rafah crossing.

The video below shows Zaina last week. Her Lafora symptoms are progressing