2021 Lafora Symposium Delayed Due to Continuing Pandemic

To Chelsea’s Hope Families, Researchers and Clinicians,

I regret having to inform you that we must delay the 2021 Lafora Symposium. While international health conditions are improved over last year, the impact of the pandemic continues. The University of California at San Diego, our venue for the symposium, is unable to host outside groups due to the pandemic. Additionally, most of our researchers and clinicians from outside the United States, as well as some of our domestic researchers are unable to travel for the symposium.

While we have to delay this year’s symposium, I want you all to know that the work continues. Our researchers, who have made so many significant advances, continue to collaborate to bring forth a cure for Lafora. Chelsea’s Hope continues to have regular meetings with Dr. Matt Gentry and other members of the Lafora Epilepsy Cure Initiative (LECI), as well as representatives from Ionis and EnAble and we are always looking for opportunities for our families to meet with our researchers. Additionally, Dr. Gentry is leading the effort on behalf of the LECI to apply for renewal of the NIH PO1 research grant.

Chelsea’s Hope is working with the LECI to reschedule the symposium. We will report the reschedule date as soon as possible.

With Hope,

Frank Harris, Ph.D.
President – Chelsea’s Hope Lafora Children Research Fund

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