Headshot of Camilla Bozzi

Volunteer Spotlight: Camilla Translated Six Lafora Disease Resources from English to Italian

Headshot of Camilla BozziChelsea’s Hope is grateful to announce that volunteer Camilla Bozzi has translated six Lafora Disease resources from English to Italian. The documents will help families access support, educational resources about Lafora, and updates on research.

We had the pleasure of meeting Camilla at the 2023 Lafora Disease Science Symposium in Bologna. She applied to volunteer after learning about the experiences of Lafora families and wanting to help in any way possible. A skilled Italian translator, she’s worked diligently on these six Lafora Disease resources:

Camilla shared, “If I am able to help even one person, one family, connect with the wonderful community behind Chelsea’s Hope, I know I did a good job!”

The team at Chelsea’s Hope is very grateful for the translation assistance. While our site uses Google Translate, we recognize our PDFs and other educational resources are difficult to access for the entire Lafora community. The organization remains committed to translating more of our resources in the future.

Support translation efforts

We are accepting applications for volunteers to translate the same and future documents from English to other languages. Not interested in volunteering? You can still help by sharing about our cause with your networks.