Researchers Have Discovered the Cause of Neurodegeneration in Lafora Patients

One of the more horrifying impacts of Lafora Disease is the neurodegeneration that these children suffer. Families bear witness as their children suffer in frustration from their own cognitive decline. Researchers now understand the cause of this degeneration. As Dr. Jordi Duran explains in this article, “For years it was believed that the disease was caused by the accumulation of Lafora bodies only in neurons, but now we have shown that neurodegeneration is caused by accumulations in glial cells.”

Chelsea’s Hope is thrilled to thank Dr. Guinovart, Dr. Duran, and their entire staff of researchers for this great discovery. We also offer our sincere thanks to Dr. Matt Gentry and Dr. Jose Antonio del Rio for their important support and contributions to this discovery.

Chelsea’s Hope and all the Lafora families desperately hope for a cure for Lafora. Drs. Guinovart and Duran have gotten us a step closer.

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